Policies and Procedures for

Outside Bridal Gown Alterations

We are often asked by brides that have purchased their gowns from another source, if we will do alterations for them.  Our goal, as always, is to be honest and straight forward with information that you need to make an informed decision. Please understand, also, that our alterations time and resources are not unlimited.

We can accommodate "outside" brides, however, this depends on the workload of brides that have purchased from Kay's Bridal.  Since we are very busy in the spring and fall with our brides the best time for us to take outside alterations is in the winter and mid summer and we accept this work on an individual basis. 

 Our Alteration Policies and Procedures for Bridal Gowns are as follows: 

1.There is a $65 fitting fee for our fitters time.  For brides that want an estimate of alterations costs, a consultation appointment to put the gown on is necessary and the fitting fee is required. The paid fitting fee will be included in the alterations invoice at the time of the actual alts fitting.  As always, you will need the EXACT shoes that you plan to wear with your gown. 

2. Typically alterations run $400 to $700.  The usual alterations are hem, bustle, and side seams. Each is priced separately and depends on the complexity of the gown. The fitter will discuss pricing with you before she does any pinning. She will prepare an itemized invoice at the end of the fitting. Also we ask that you understand that major changes to the style of the gown, neckline, sleeves, train length, are considered customizations, and can be done at an additional cost.

3. A 50% payment of the total alterations is payable at the first fitting.

4. We book outside alterations ONLY on weekdays. M, W,Th and F, and generally no later than 3:30PM. 

5. The gown MUST be new or freshly cleaned. Cleaned gowns would include those that are purchased as sample stock or have been previously worn.

6. Expect your second/final fitting to be about 2 to 4 weeks after the initial appointment.  When the gown is complete you will take the gown home.  We cannot store outside gowns

7. All work is pressed in the area that the alterations are done, however if the customer would like the gown steamed/pressed "down the aisle ready", there is an additional charge.

8. If gown's alterations are completed months before the wedding date and the bride wants to have a another fitting closer to the wedding date we can accommodate one final fitting 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date.  If additional alterations are needed at that time, it would be considered a new outside alteration fitting and fees above would apply.  


To book an alterations consultation or fitting, please call to check on availability.


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